Wedding Invitations on a Budget
August 13, 2023

Wedding Invitations on a Budget

Every bride dreams of sending beautiful wedding invitations to their guests. An invitation truly makes a lasting first impression and sets the tone for your special day. We’re big supporters of the eco-friendly, saving paper mindset, but your wedding deserves to be eternalized in print. Yet, weddings are expensive and budgets are limited!  So, we have gathered some valuable ideas to help you spend wisely, yet look like you spent a fortune on custom stationery. 

Brides serious about minimizing costs, assume that doing it yourself (DIY) is a reasonable option to save.  In reality, a DIY Bride must be crafty, artsy, and love the challenge.  If you do not fall into this category, then think long and hard before you commit your time, energy & money into making anything. If you are not an experienced crafter, your efforts will usually look unprofessional, amateurish and be wasteful. 

Why would a bride want to take on an overwhelming DIY project at such a busy time? Crafting can sound like an easy way to save money, and for the trained professional, it makes sense, or should we say cents! Seriously, you need to think twice before attempting to make anything at home: the amount you actually save is often not worth the effort. 

It's tempting to pick up a do-it-yourself kit at the local hobby shop. How hard can it be to formulate your text and send it to print? Honestly, you need to be very familiar with your printer and load up on ink in order to produce a product you will be proud to mail. Most shimmer paper won’t work well with inkjet printers, so you will need to buy plenty of test paper first. A color laser printer requires expensive toner and ultimately may erode away any actual savings. All of these additional costs add up fast!

You often purchase a pre-printed birthday, Mother’s Day or bridal shower card off the shelf for $2.50. So, why do you hesitate spending that amount on a custom printed wedding invitation?  Remember that this is the most important day of your life, and you have a gorgeous dress, venue and ring; you certainly need an invitation that compliments the ambiance you are trying to create.  The invitation is the actual preview of your special day; it sets the mood of what is to come. Your guests can often determine their attire for your event from the invitation. How do you want them to feel and dress when they attend your wedding?
Let us acquaint you with how a small business stationer can actually save you money. A professional stationer has access to numerous vendors for every budget, she knows what products are a good value, and is able to direct you accordingly. The local storefront’s buying power is something you can benefit from, and her expertise in etiquette and trends can help you avoid embarrassing and often costly mistakes. She can resolve any issues that come up with the printer, because you are her customer and your satisfaction determines her success. If you give her a budget, she can show you which particular invitations will work for you. There are so many beautiful options to choose from, and many only look expensive!  You can always dress up a very basic invitation she sells with ribbon, jewels, or layers, rather than taking the risk of doing it entirely yourself. 

Finally, you can save serious funds by having your guests reply online. This eliminates the expense of reply cards and postage. It is also quicker and planet approved. Options for RSVP online can be through your wedding website or setting up an app on your phone. 

In summary, we know how difficult it can be to prioritize spending for your wedding. But, we promise you’ll never regret sending your guests a beautiful invitation. You’ll also never regret saving and framing that invitation too…