Mother Earth, Father Sun - Vow Renewal Shoot
May 08, 2016

Mother Earth, Father Sun - Vow Renewal Shoot

In honor of mothers day I am excited to share with you this amazing photo shoot. I had the pleasure of working with a very talented team to create the beautiful Mother Earth, Father Sun shoot.  The theme was an earth-inspired wedding editorial that highlights the raw emotions of love and connection. The feeling of love shown in these pictures is real - the shoot captured a 5-year vow renewal between the couple.  Their love for each other exudes in each photograph. 

This shoot incorporated many details which showcase the beauty of nature and union.  The Bride was styled to represent Mother Earth, who is the divine energy of femininity, nurture and compassion.  The Groom was the representation of Father Sun and he encompassed a sense of openness, warmth and strength.  Their unity creates balance, harmony and infinite possibilities.  The bride wore a simple J Crew Arabelle silk chiffon gown and was barefoot in the mountains to represent a grounding energy on the path taken in marriage. The details in this shoot, including crystals and a floral crown, all highlight natural elements and beauty. 

With the collection of creatives from both the East and West Coast, the vision of Mother Earth, Father Sun manifested into fruition through the lenses of Emily Magers and Garrett Wedel under the creative styling and coordination of Carolyn H. Brown.

Florals & Coordination // Carolyn H. Brown of THE CROWN COLLECTIVE

Photography // Emily Magers

Cinematography // Garrett Wedel of THE WEDEL COLLECTIVE

Hair & Make-up // Alexandra Flores

Bridal Dress // Adina's Bridal

Macrame & Jewelry // Lindsey Taylor of Laurelwood Gems

Prints // Juliana Tyson of Good Juju Ink

Desserts // Adri Pioquinto of Maskipops

Crystals // Evangeline Summerville of The Lunar Fae

Music Composition // Robert Raymond

Colorist // Kelsey Rae



Mother Earth Dress Side By Side